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Holiday Eating And Type 2 Diabetes

As soon as the holiday season steps in, it is time to munch on those sugar laden delights. Starting from thanksgiving day, the entire season commemorates the goodness of candies, pies, sauces, cakes and a lot more. With all these sweet indulgences chasing you through the holiday season, keeping your sugar levels in control can be a little difficult. But, if you follow the below mentioned tips you can prevent your blood sugar levels from escalating, while keeping the celebrations intact.

Count your splurge days
During the festive season, there are some days that are high on celebrations, while there are others when nothing special is going on. It is suggested that you binge in only on the days when there is some special actual celebration going on. Mark these days as splurge days. On the rest of the days, avoid giving in to your sweet temptations. This well help you achieve a balance.

Avoid free calories
It's the holiday season and you are sure to be handed free candies and sweets no matter where you go. You might just be handed some free candies at the nearby departmental store or you may find the jar of chocolates lying on your office table. Stay away from these free calories and keep your sugar levels in control.

Dodge it
It takes a lot to come up with the most meticulously baked cookies and cakes. And, you certainly do not want to make the other person feel bad by refusing the treats offered. So, instead of saying no straightaway, take the slightly diplomatic route. Praise the cookie, its well cut shape and how wonderful it smells. Now, take just one. Wrap it in a napkin and give it away to the first person you see.

Watch fun and not food
Even though these sweet delicacies make for an integral part of the holiday season, they are not the only thing to watch out for. The holiday season means a lot more than just indulging in some irresistible food. You get to have fun, meet friends and relatives, go caroling and shopping and a lot more. So, try to focus on the fun element rather than just food.

Self control is a must

Let us accept it that none will stuff anything into your mouth. You will give into those sumptuous cookies only when you want to. So, following the rule of self control is a must. Tell yourself that you cannot indulge more than the limit you have set. If you are determined enough, then even the longest holiday season wouldn't do any harm.

A little bit of determination coupled with some smart techniques is all that you need to keep your sugar levels in control even during the holiday season.