Diabetes Diet

Know About Gestational Diabetes Menu

The diet menu for a gestational diabetic person should be on an average of 2200 calories. The fluctuations depend from different body requirements and the intensity of the problem of high glucose levels.

The calorie diet should include every thing from carbohydrates, to minerals, vitamins, proteins, iron, and starch. The percentage ratio, in which it has been divided, is in the following way: 45 to 60 % of the total calories should be of carbohydrates, 15 to 20% from protein, and the rest 20 to 30% from fat.

The carbohydrate intake can be in the form of (A) breads and grains, about 6 to 11 servings, which has a variety of pancakes, ready to eat cereals, crackers, pasta, corn, rice, baked potato or some other preparations with these ingredients. (B) Fruits should be taken in plenty, mainly citrus fruits like melon, orange, grapes and others. Small quantities of all fruits can be taken during this time in the form of unsweetened canned fruits. Nearly two to four servings can be taken. (C) Vegetables are recommended with more servings than fruits as fruits still have some natural sweetness in them. They can be taken from three to five servings, be it raw, cooked, juice or soup. A large variety of vegetables can be taken, with emphasis on dark green and deep yellow vegetables. (D) Dairy products, be it milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, should be low in fat and unsweetened. Up to three servings can be taken.

The non-carbohydrates category has rest of them such as meat and poultry, fats, and sweets. (A) Meat and poultry can be taken up to 3 to 4 servings in a day, but should not be fried. Meat substitutes include, peas or peanut butter. (B) Fats in the form of olives, margarine, peanuts can be taken up to one to three servings. (C) It’s not that sweets should be totally avoided. They can be taken, but attempt should be made to have only those things, which are sugar free, or low in sugar.

Big meals can interrupted with low in fat snacks. Following this simple diet menu a woman can easily go through an undisturbed pregnancy.