Diabetes Diet

Monitor Weight, Diet and Exercise to Curb Diabetes!

Studies have revealed that diabetes is the number one cause of death in US. Diabetes causes blindness, nerve disease, periodontal disease, vaginal yeast infections, amputation of fingers, arms, legs, ear and nose. It may also be responsible several other strange extremities. Diabetes slows the healing process from all diseases and infections.

You need to treat diabetes seriously in case you want life extension. People become depressed when they are diagnosed with diabetes and think that their life is over with the disease. However, to have a control over the disease, it is important for you to go for proper treatment. It is good to see the available treatments and how you can reduce the complications through medications and prescribed diet.

The type 1 diabetes occurs in childhood. In such a condition, you can survive with medicines and diet control. Type 2 diabetes happens when body is overfed with carbohydrates for a long time. In this diabetes, the body develops a wired kind of reaction to carbohydrates. Since insulin is an important chemical generated by your body and insulin turns carbohydrates into energy in the cells, the overdose of carbohydrates makes cells resistant to insulin. In this case, cells cannot absorb the energy and this makes the cells starve despite good hydrocarbon content for energy.

Carbohydrates get accumulated in the body in the form of blood sugar. These carbohydrates add to around your waist and this leads to fat and obesity. This fat and starving cells lead to diabetes making the person lazy and tired. The person often feels hungry and becomes food addicts because of this hunger. In such a case, diabetic wants to satisfy hunger at all costs. This sends the blood sugar into a roller coaster and finally leads to a risk stroke in case sugar level is high. The person also can get diabetic coma in case of low sugar levels.

Stroke and coma are the two immediate effects of diabetes. Diabetes can cause kidney failure and there are chances of having even cardio vascular problems. Diabetes is a contributing factor for cancer, pneumonia and other serious kinds of diseases.

Diabetic treatment includes insulin supplement, medication, regular exercise and proper diet. You need to monitor glucose levels at regular intervals. The person has to do blood glucose lab tests after every three months. Good exercise and diet can reduce blood glucose levels by 50 % in six months. The diet should be taken as per ADA [American Diabetes Association]. This diet pattern maintains balance in proteins and carbohydrates. The person should eat fruits with fibers.