Diabetes Diet

Enjoy Delicacies, So What If You Are A Diabetic!

Having diabetes doesn't mean that you should debar yourself from enjoying good food. With tasty diabetic recipes you can enjoy the food to its fullest. But, the food should be strictly in accordance with your dietary plan. Right information about your present disease status would help you in deciding appropriate recipes for yourself. Here are some of them for you to try out:

1) One of the favorite of American diabetics is the Spinach Cheese Turkey Burger. It includes ground turkey breast, leaf spinach, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, egg white, tomato and garlic as it's main ingredients.

2) Oatmeal dishes with applesauce are also one of the favorite recipes among diabetics.

3) Grilled veggie sandwich, Spinach chicken roll ups and pineapple tuna wrap are best for lunch recipes.

4) Melba cheese puffs, baked onion cheese dip, fat free matzo balls and onion cheese puffs are some appetizers that you can choose from.

5) Chicken loving diabetics long for fried chicken with snow peas and baby corn. Quick chicken jumbo and mushroom soup if made properly are equally tasty alternatives.

6) Catfish fillets with spicy tomatoes is another sought after food among food loving diabetics.

Most of these diabetic delicacies could be easily prepared. So, instead of restricting yourself to tasteless food, you may go for these delicious alternatives. But, all these delicacies must be enjoyed under constant consultation with a dietitian.