Diabetes Diet

What to Eat and Not to Eat if You Have Diabetes

It is a well known fact that diabetes occurs mainly due to increased level of blood glucose. Food items containing carbohydrates and  sugar are the main reason for increase in blood glucose level.  An individual with normal metabolism can handle sugar content from food. A diabetic, however cannot. Hence a regulated and balanced nutritional diet is considered to be critical in controlling diabetes.

Prolonged diabetes, over a period of ten to fifteen years, has a number of adverse effects on the human body.
It may affect eyes, heart, kidneys, besides other organs in the body.

Balanced diet and way of life in that order
The simplest method of preventing diabetes is a nutritious diet specifically designed to control diabetes. Such a diet is not very expensive and there are just a few inclusions and exclusions with have to be considered. Avoid foods which are high on glucose, fat and cholesterol.

Some diabetic patients may perhaps develop heart and vascular disease.  Hence it becomes urgent that fat and cholesterol intake is minimized.

Follow a fixed schedule to get up, exercise, eat and work. Take part in leisure activities and get plenty of rest. Eliminate unnecessary strain from your life.

The American Diabetes Association
The ADA was established in order to help diabetics to deal with the disease and to prevent the occurrence of the disease.  The organization has a network of Specialists and Dietitians who have written advanced research papers on care for diabetic patients.

Small Size meals recommended
Meals should be small in size and should be taken at regular, short intervals of time. This helps in proper digestion and does not overload the metabolic system.

High fiber diet
High fiber diet provides roughage to the body and keeps the digestive system in good shape. It prevents the accumulation of  glucose in the blood.

Since obesity is a risk factor which can cause  diabetes its wise to   maintain a normal (relative to the age) weight. Optimum body weight helps to immune body from diabetes and a lot of other diseases.