Diabetes Diet

With 1,200-Calorie Diet, Keep Diabetes At Bay

Obesity is one of the major causes of diabetes and is mostly due to excess weight and lack of exercise. These two conditions make the matter worse and can sometimes lead to serious side effects. In order to prevent obesity, walking and regular exercise is very important as it helps to burn excess weight. Regular exercise regulates the blood and develops energy in the body and makes the body strong and consequently helps to fight diabetes. Exercise will also help to fight against side effects caused by diabetes and the patient feels refreshed and free from stress.

In order to contain diabetes, people must count their calories and try to reduce excess weight. It is essential for women to remain active and follow a sedentary lifestyle. As for men, they must check their calorie count and exercise regularly. There are 1,200 calories required for the body and it is important to restrict the intake of calories without compromising on the nutritional value of food.

To keep a track of your eating habits, make sure that the breakfast should have a cup of cereals, skimmed milk, fruits and a muffin. An ideal calories diet is 1,200-calorie diet which requires you stick to the calorie count while eating the right kind of food. The meals require proper planning and must be supplemented well. You can also substitute cereals with bread, little cheese and fruit everyday. These variations will provide all the essential nutrients that make your diet healthier.

In the lunch, you can take baked chicken, a piece of ham, or a fish. Eat any kind of vegetables to get the needed vitamins and minerals. Yogurt and salad may also be supplemented in your diet and an unsweetened coffee may follow after a gap. Having half a cup of white rice with few vegetables and diet soda can be another choice. In the afternoon, you can munch on nuts, cashews or almonds along with a cup of tea.  It will not be in your interest to have fried or junk food like hamburgers, fries and coke, so avoid them. At the dinner time, you can have two to three kinds of vegetables including broccoli, tomatoes, or beans.  You can also take slices of bacon, cornbread and orange or apple.

Avoid over stuffing your stomach and consume food in right quantity. Having fruits and vegetables in good quantity to maintain the level of essential nutrients in the body is very essential. Drinking juice is best for the body as it helps to flush toxins from the system. Lastly, remember good amount of water is very important for the body.