Diabetes Diet

With Diabetes, You Can’t Eat All!

Diabetes is caused by several factors and among them, one is when body fails to use the insulin properly. Diabetes is also happens when body does not produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone which converts sugar and starch into energy and this energy makes the body work. Diabetes can be controlled in three steps. The primary three steps are healthy eating, medication and physical activity.

Diabetes can be checked and you can do it if you simply control the sugar in blood by healthy lifestyle. The healthy lifestyle means eating right, proper exercise and maintenance of required weight. You have to follow the diabetic food pyramid ensuring you eat in a correct way. The food pyramid contains guidelines of different food groups. It tells you the amount of each food group you need to consume everyday. This is a perfect process to keep diabetes in control.

The diabetic food pattern is totally different from general food intake. The diabetic food is based upon the carbohydrate and protein content while general food is based on calories and fats. Diabetics need to consume a special variety of foods everyday which may include, apart from drinking milk, tortillas, apples broccoli and chicken in a single day. This diet pattern will also cover grains, fruits, vegetables dairy and other groups of proteins.

The diabetic can eat brown rice, mangoes, tomatoes, beans and yogurt in a single day. Starch group contains grains, starchy vegetables and beans. The carbohydrate based foods are breads, cereals, beans, starchy vegetables and pasta. These foods have to be taken at every meal since they contain the energy which is important for health.

The diabetic should take six to eleven servings per day. The number of servings is directly proportional to the calories the diabetic needs in a single day. The number of servings also depends on the specific diabetic treatment plan. It is good for a diabetic to have 1/3 cup of cooked rice. Vegetables are important for diabetic as they contain fiber and minerals. The diabetic can eat them either raw or cooked. The diabetic can consume up to 5 servings of vegetables in a single day and can also have vegetable juice.

The diabetic needs 2 to 4 serving of fruit in a single day and can have pears or apples in small quantities. A quarter cup of resins or dry fruits is recommended. Fruit juice but with no sugar will also help. The diabetic can have fat free or low fat dairy products and can have small amounts of tofu, beef, chicken, mutton and eggs. These things will give him protein and add to building tissues and muscles. The diabetic can have 2 to 3 servings per day.

Diabetes is also called a royal disease in medical terms. If proper steps are taken, the diabetic can live a long and healthy life.