Diabetes Treatment

Bitter Melon: Natural Diabetes Control

Diabetic patients can save themselves from harm if they take adequate precautions. Patients with diabetes should ensure that they eat vegetables rich in fiber. There are a number of vegetables in the market that help to lower blood sugar levels. One such vegetable is the Bitter Melon or the Bitter Gourd. It is a very popular vegetable grown mostly in Asia.

Bitter Melon is widely accepted as a means to maintain low blood sugar levels amongst diabetic patients, all around the world. Biologically known as the Ampalaya or Momordica Charantia, this vegetable contains many important compounds that can cure diabetes. A number of medical studies have established this as a fact and the effect of this vegetable in lowering blood sugar is well documented.

This vegetable has been in use by diabetics in Asia for a long time. Its efficacy in controlling diabetes has been confirmed by modern science in the recent past. Botanists have done some pre clinical research on the plants in the recent years. The biggest conclusion in one of the research has been that the plant contains a substance, hypoglycemic polypeptide or plant insulin that mimics the effects of animal insulin.

Clinical research has unlocked the benefits of the Bitter Melon suggesting it to be of immense benefit in the management of diabetes. The Bitter Melon has been in use since ancient times in South East Asia and the Far East for regulating blood glucose levels, before any clinical research was carried out.  This vegetable is easily available in all parts of Asia.

This is a perfect natural remedy that diabetics should trust. Some diabetics may not like its bitter taste.  A number of companies provide the extract of bitter melon in the form of capsules and tinctures for people who are not able to develop a taste for the vegetable. Many of these products are in the market today.