Diabetes Treatment

Eat Holy Basil Leaves To Control Your Sugar Levels

Well, holy basil is well known for its medicinal properties. If you are diabetic, holy basil leaves are of great help to you. Studies have shown that the herb has substantial blood sugar lowering effects.

In a recent research an experiment was conducted to confirm this association of holy basil leaves with diabetic patients. In this experiment, forty patients with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) were allowed to take two and one-half grams of dried leaf powder every morning.

Taking it as a first thing in the morning as well as after the meals, these patients showed significant reductions in their blood glucose levels. Besides these they have also shown reduction in cholesterol level. All the more, holy bail purifies the surrounding air.

So anyone who is diabetic can start taking holy basil leaves daily and keep a tap on their sugar levels. This has probably no side effects, so you can also continue the habit forever…Hey, Are you planning plant holy basil in your house?