Diabetes Treatment

Natural Remedy For Diabetes

Diabetes treatment usually involves insulin as basic diabetes medication but some natural diabetes cure are also available. Natural remedy for diabetes mainly involves diet. The objective is to make the body assimilate the increased blood sugar into the system. To know more about it, read natural remedy.

Curd made out of cow's milk, along with salt is recommendable as one of the best diabetes natural treatment. Green vegetables are quite beneficial. Consumption of tomato, orange, scolanum, and pineapple could be of great help.

Exercise, along with carbohydrate intake is another mode of treatment. You can fast for one or two days and then consume sour fruit only for once a week. Fruits could be substituted with green vegetables. Sprouted grams could be taken with every meal.

Physical exercise is most essential aspect of diabetes natural treatment. It greatly reduces blood sugar level. Exercise could be in the form of walking or jogging.

Taking natural supplements like zinc, b-complex and chromium is also one aspect of natural remedy. Complex carbohydrates and high fiber food are dietary treatments. Consumption of vanadium mineral may also prove good. The diabetic must also try to reduce his/ her stress. Yoga's asanas recommended by yoga specialists have proved beneficial in dealing with the malady.

Natural remedy also varies with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and diabetes insipidus. So, the patient should first confirm efficacy of treatment in their case. Diabetes recipe is another way to treat the disease. But, before opting for diabetes natural treatment, diabetes education is a must.