Diabetes Treatment

Some Herbal Medicines for Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease coming down from ages and is very much transferable from generations to generations. One might suffer from diabetes just because somebody in the family history had it. But, as the problem is age old, so is the cure. Various drugs and injections are available in the market recommended by the doctors to bring down the blood glucose levels. But, for any disease, natural cure is unbeatable.

It is in the case of diabetes also where various herbs are used to cure it. There are many herbs. Here are some of them common in use and easy to approach.

Bitter Melon – the intake of fresh juice or even the juice of unripe bitter melon is found to have blood sugar lowering action. It is mostly cultivated in Asia, South America, and Africa. It has anti diabetic properties. But, an extra dose could be harmful in the form of abdominal pain, especially for small children.

Gymnema sylvestre – it helps the pancreas to produce insulin for type 2 diabetes. It reduces the craving for sweets, with a recommended dosage of 500mg per day.

Onion and garlic – the extract of onion and garlic, whether boiled or raw, is said to have very beneficial ingredients for the diabetic. It helps to bring a low count on the blood glucose levels. Apart from this, it also maintains low lipid levels, and has beneficial cardiovascular effects. Thus, one can go for liberal use of onion and garlic.

Blue berry leaves – it is an herb recognized from a very long time. Its single dose could have an impact for several weeks.

Asian Ginseng – this is a Chinese medicine known to treat diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels. A dose of 200 mg per day could help.

Other helpful herbs are Bilberry, Stevia, Ginko Biloba, Cinnamon, and Barberry. They all are helpful in their ways. And, it is just a matter as to what suits whom.