Diabetes Treatment

The Wonder Of American Ginseng And Diabetes

The Chinese term jen-shen means in the image of a man. The term ginseng is derived from this word. But American ginseng is different. It is derived from the Greek language, which means panacea- a herb that has the all-healing capacity or power. This herb has been hailed as the wonder of the world, because of its healing capacity.

As a medicinal plant, ginseng commands lots of respect and is held in high esteem. There is lots of confusion with regard to over the counter medications (Non-herbal), the side-effects reported are too many, so any plant that gives positive and unfailing assurances in the world of medicine, commands immediate attention and it is held in awe!

If the qualities attributed to ginseng are true, and indeed they are reported to be true, it looks as though the herb is the angel from the celestial world, incarnated on the Planet Earth, for the health benefits of humanity.

The qualities attributed to it are many and it is the cure-all herb. It can do everything for the humanity, except make the dead man alive!

It is said to play a positive role to improve vitality, reduce stress and boost the immune system. What more you want? The rigors of the modern materialistic world just want that!

Each and every cell of this plant have element of nectar ingrained in it. It can cure fatigue and aging. Yes, I repeat aging, inflammations, tumors, depression, diabetes, vomiting, nervousness, ulcers, stress and pulmonary problems. It increases the fertility of women and assists the childbirth. It is stimulant and demulcent. The old roots are the prize catch, and they have the power to pass on longevity from generation to generation.

With all the above qualities do you still wish to call it a herb? Better to rename it as a great human heritage!

Here is one of the rare agreements between the Russians and the Americans! Thank you ginseng for bringing the two contending powers to one of the rare agreements!

Russian scientists are in total agreement with their American counterparts and they give the added marks to ginseng that the herb increases your endurance, stamina and increases memory power!

With the strong presence of ginseng, it seems, the days of diabetes are numbered!

So be it! Amen!