Diabetes Treatment

Home Remedies For Diabetes

Most of the time medicines and insulin injections just don't provide any relief from chronic diseases like Diabetes but there are some alternative treatments and home remedies which have worked for most people for generations and have shown some really commendable results.

1) One of the best home remedies for diabetes is found in the asian herb/vegetable called bitter gourd, better known as ‘karela’. Eating this vegetable daily or having one glass of it's juice will help reduce the blood sugar level by upto 30 mg per decilitre. This home remedy has no side effects like insulin treatment.

2) Amla, which has vitamin C in it is an effective herb in controlling diabetes. Taken daily for almost two months with bitter melon juice it helps the pancreas to start producing Insulin.

3) Tulsi leaves, ten Neem leaves and ten Belpatras taken with a glass of water daily in the morning in an empty stomach work wonders in keeping the blood sugar levels in the body under control.

4) The leaves of Butea tree when taken with water, early in the morning help in reducing the blood sugar level in the body.

5) Two teaspoons of powdered Fenugreek seeds with milk, or swallowing two seeds of Fenugreek helps in reducing the blood sugar level.

6) 250 mg of Shilajit should be taken daily with the juice of stone apple to reduce the blood sugar level.

7) Eating ten fully grown curry leaves every morning for three months prevents diabetes due to heredity factors and it also cures diabetes due to obesity

So, these are some of the home remedies that you can try your hands on and they are sure to work towards betterment of your condotion.