Diabetes Treatment

How To Care For Juvenile Diabetes Patient At Home?

The treatment given to the child at the doctor's chamber has medicinal as well as psychological value. The child trusts the immaculately dressed man, with stethoscope dangling on his neck. The child has read books and seen it on TV that such doctors virtually bring back the patient from the jaws of death.

But the reality is different. Juvenile diabetes is a peculiar disease. It is not like, one day stomach ache, two days toothache or three days headache. The modern child is educated enough to understand what diabetes is about. It is aware of the serious implications of the disease. Naturally it would be the shocking news for the parents that their young child has diabetes. But the reality has to be faced boldly by both the parents and the child. For winning such cases, 80% of the treatment is psychological where only 20% is the actual medication.

Remember, food is responsible for every type of disease and food takes responsibility for curing every type of disease. This statement may look contradictory, but it is nothing but the truth. We need to take right food at the right time. The number one rule for diabetic children is that they need to eat healthily. And this diet education needs to be given to the children from the parents as a part of the home discipline.

Your love to the child need not be expressed through fulfilling its demand for wrong types of food. The various types of junk foods with more and more carbohydrates, sugarcoated and cream items should be avoided at all the cost. Give your child the appropriate food items such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, containing adequate fiber.

In initial insulin program that is provided to the children with diabetes is short term acting Hymalog NPH and long terms acting Humalin N.

Your child must not feel that its freedom to eat what it wanted is curbed totally. You need to fix the eating time-table in such a way that all the harmful items are strictly avoided, and with the addition of new items that would be liked by the child.

Take the child for a morning or evening walk. This will add to the bonds of affection. It is good for diabetes as walking helps the activity of metabolism. Similarly the child needs to be taught some simple physical exercises that are both fun and of immense benefit in the actual treatment of diabetes.

Therefore “love plus discipline in diet” is the major part of care and treatment for juvenile diabetes.