Diabetes Treatment

Natural Home Remedies Have An Edge Over The Allopathic For Diabetes!

In medical terminology, diabetes is also called as diabetes mellitus. It can be termed as the disorder of assimilation. In the case of diabetes, the pancreas becomes inactive which in medical terms, becomes atrophied. This takes it to a state where it does not produce insulin. As a result, the body fails to convert the sugar into energy for the muscles. This is where the problem starts.  It becomes very important to check some home remedies for complete cure of diabetes.

The prime symptoms of the diabetes are the weight loss and the tremendous weakness. The patient experiences a higher amount of thirst levels and also urinates in excess. The patient experiences a sort of voracious appetite. The tissues of the person inflicted by diabetes lose vitality and he/she experiences many eruptions in the skin like boils and carbuncles. There is also constant etching sensation in the eczema and groins.

The serious complication of diabetes is gangrene of the feet and skin which usually starts from the toes. The main cause of worry is the more young the patient, the more serious course will be to take on his life. In case the patients follow the allopathic treatment, they have to be injected with the insulin dozes. Regarding the exact causes of the diabetes, the medical science has not found them as yet. It is only complete precautionary measures that can be taken by the afflicted one.

Alternatively the patient can follow the procedure of naturopathy. It can be a big advantage for the patient in case he takes rose apple. It is advisable for the patient to take 1 or 2 breads made of flour. The patient has to avoid the starchy foods. Care has to be taken that the bread should not be passed through sieve. The person should also devote some time daily to the exercise and needs a long walk of almost 10 kilometers per day. It will be good for the diabetic in case he avoids certain natural foods like cereals and certain preparations. Fasting for a few days and then eating the sour fruit for a week is an alternative to fight diabetes in natural way.