Symptoms Of Diabetes

Signs of Diabetes

Diabetes never announces its arrival unless it has reached a stage of maturity. By the time you become aware of it, cells inside your body are not able to extract as much glucose as they need, chief reason being either a lack of insulin and insulin-producing cells or inability of body cells to absorb insulin. This is a really worrying situation which manifests itself in the form of following symptoms:

Increased frequency of Urination

If you see that your visits to the bathroom have increased in frequency, then you need to get your blood sugar levels checked. Our kidneys begin to work over time when cells inside our body are not able to absorb the sugar present in it. They try to rid our blood of the excess amount of sugar present, so that the situation is normalized.

While on the face of it, this may not seem as a dangerous situation, what people do not know is that a prolonged state of such over-work can actually result in the failure of kidneys.

Excessive loss of body fluids

While kidney failure might be the final stage of diabetes, it can be preceded by conditions such as excessive loss of body fluids. The increased rate of filtering of blood would not only rid it of excessive blood sugar but would also result in a loss of vital body fluids. You would also experience thirstiness quite frequently as your body would try to replenish its fluid levels back to the normal levels.

However, to what extent water alone would be able to suffice the need is something which only time would tell. This is because the body would also release other vital nutrients apart from water.

Loss in energy levels

Non-absorption of sugar and blood by body cells would result in depleted levels of energy. Fatigue and weakness will set in easily and we might not be able to move as freely as we did earlier. Physical movements would cause us to huff and puff very easily. Over all energy levels would go down quite rapidly.

The body would try to get this energy from the fat stored inside our body. However, since this reserve is limited its expenditure will result in sudden weight loss and a loss of body muscles. This would contribute to your body's inability to move its parts in an easy and unrestricted manner.
Reduced immunity, blurring of vision and other such symptoms

Excessive amount of blood sugar has an impact upon the immune system of the body. Our body's ability to counter outside threats as well as heal itself gets seriously affected. Bruises, cuts, and similar damages take longer than usual to heal. Our vision also gets affected by increased levels of blood sugar. High levels of glucose in blood results in a swelling of the eye lens, which might some day result in a total loss of vision.

These are some alarming signs of diabetes. The moment you experience them, know that it is time to pay a visit to the doctor and get a thorough medical check-up done.