Symptoms Of Diabetes

Always Get Your Blood Sugar Levels Tested To Monitor Diabetes

It is estimated that at least 16 million Americans are diabetic. This is an alarming figure in itself but when one considers the fact that often people who are suffering from diabetes have virtually no symptoms of the disease, then the idea becomes even more worrying. Although it is now common hearsay that one can easily detect the symptoms of this disease, but one cannot be perfectly sure of being diabetic. It requires a blood test to establish for certain that one has diabetes.

The blood test that is done for checking diabetes is a test to check the blood sugar levels in the body. The test is carried out in two phases on the same day. The first blood test is carried out on the patient&rsquos blood when he is fasting. So, a patient coming for the test arrives without taking his breakfast or even a cup of morning tea or coffee. If the blood sugar levels are found to be 126 milligrams per deciliter or higher, on two separate occasions, after fasting, then there is a likelihood of diabetes.

Following this another blood test is taken after the patient has had his breakfast and cup of tea or coffee. This time the blood sugar levels should not go above 200 milligrams per deciliter. In case it is above this mark, then the likelihood of diabetes is likely. At times the patient is given 75 gram glucose solution to drink. Then the blood sugar levels are checked for checking the blood sugar levels as well as the measurement of ketones, which are the products from the breakdown of fats.

Once these tests have been successfully carried out the patient is prescribed a course of treatment which involves both the physical and emotional aspects of his being, as diabetes is not a malaise of the physical body alone. It is also a disease that affects one&rsquos emotions and reactions.