Symptoms Of Diabetes

Check the Symptoms of Canine Diabetes!

It is very much possible for your pet dog to develop illnesses or medical conditions that need treatment. Dogs are after all mammals and in spite of differences, their bodies function physiologically in pretty much the same way as ours. Dogs may develop diabetes as their pancreas may stop producing enough insulin to metabolize the blood sugar.

Cessation of insulin production can be due to a number of reasons. It can be due to old age, illness or a traumatic condition. Whatever be the reason, the outcome is the same. The dog’s blood sugar level has to be monitored and the body’s requirement of insulin has to be met by external injections.

As a pet owner there are certain symptoms that you need to look out for and observe in your pet. If your dog is increasingly listless and is heading for its water bowl for a drink at a frequency that is more than it used to, then you may have reason to be concerned.

Since we cannot determine what is wrong with a pet dog in any other way except by observing symptoms and taking the pet to a vet for a test, we need to be very observant about the health of our pet dog.

If you are feeding your pet dog more food than usual, then you might want to take your pet to the vet. If there is an ulcer or a wound that is taking a very long time to heal, then it is a matter of concern.

Looking out for these symptoms and then testing the blood sugar level are necessary to determine or rule out if your dog has diabetes. It is necessary to check for diabetes and try to diagnose it at an early stage. If steps are not taken to manage the disease then it may cause multiple organ failure and death.