Symptoms Of Diabetes

Detect your Diabetes Symptoms!

Diabetes is a disease which has struck millions of people all over the world for quite some time now. It is an age old chronic disease but the good part of it is that it is very much curable and not contagious, unless someone suffers from it in the family history.

When the pancreas stops producing a necessary hormone called insulin to control the glucose in the body, the glucose levels get high in the body. In spite of the glucose going to several parts of the body, it enters the blood raising the levels and thus resulting in diabetes. A person many a time could start suffering from certain signs and symptoms which detects him to be diabetic, confirmed through a blood test or there are certain signs and symptoms from which a diabetic suffers. They could be anything like;
Excessive and frequent urination
Feeling of unusual thirst 
Weight change, be it loss or gain
Body getting prone to infections and
Suffers from cuts and bruises that are not easy to heal
Extreme fatigue with blurred vision

The intensity of these symptoms could vary from body to body. Those who suffer from obesity or overweight, high cholesterol and  have ever had gestational diabetes or having any diabetic person in the family history are the ones who are more prone to having diabetes. It could lead to various further complications such as heart disease, kidney failure, nerve damage and others. Still the good part is that diabetes is quite curable and all is in the hands of the patient himself. The doctor and the dietician can only provide the guidelines of medications and diet planning, but to maintain a healthy diet plan with a check on weight management has to be looked into by the patient. Exercise and modest physical activity are recommended. Keeping all these information and awareness in consideration a diabetic can easily pass his life without many problems.