Symptoms Of Diabetes

Diabetes Signs Could Be Identified By You As Well!

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that people are suffering from all over the world. It, therefore, becomes necessary for everyone to know what the signs of diabetes are, so that it can be countered before it raises its ugly head. There are a number of signs which people can easily recognize even without any specialized medical training or any painful tests.

Diabetes may be put in three types. These are known as type 1 and type 2 diabetes and the Gestational diabetes. Children are more prone to type 1diabetes. In this type of diabetes, the children show the signs at early age and they can easily be identified and curative measures can be taken at an early stage. This diabetes was earlier known as insulin dependent diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is more common and found in almost 90% of people. The diabetes signs for type 2 diabetes are rather slow to develop. It is also known as Non Insulin Dependent diabetes. The diabetes signs being mild and not easily discernible in case of type 2 diabetes, it becomes very tricky to do an early stage diagnosis.

Medically, diabetes signs tend to vary as per the type of diabetes but some common diabetes signs are visible in all types. These most common diabetes signs are:

1. Polyuria: Polyuria is the medical term for frequent urination. People who need to regularly pass urine might be suffering from type 1 diabetes. This happens because the glucose levels of blood being high result in lower reabsorption of glucose and increase of osmotic pressure. This leads to an increased urine production and cause frequent urination.

2. Polydipsia: An increase in thirst and subsequently an increase in liquid intake may also signify type 1 diabetes.

3. Polyphagia: Increase in appetite, medically known as Polyphagia is another diabetes sign.

While all these diabetes signs are present in type 2 diabetes, they are more visible in type 1 diabetes. The weight loss is the main sign in this type of diabetes. Contrary to the popular misconception, obesity may or may not be a diabetes sign. Similarly increased irritability, fatigue and blurring of vision are also known as diabetes signs. Another sign of diabetes is deteriorating vision. The increased amount of glucose leads to rapid changes in the shape of eye lenses. Thus, if your eye sight has been affected lately, it might be a diabetes sign. If your vision is being affected rapidly, it might be a type 1 diabetes sign. Alternatively, a gradual change in the vision is a type 2 diabetes sign.

Diabetes signs are visible to naked eye in most of the cases. What is required is that people should be ready to accept that they are showing diabetes signs and must get in touch with a health care professional.