Symptoms Of Diabetes

Identify The Symptoms Of Diabetes In Time

“Prevention is better than cure”

Each syllable of this wise saying is worth its weight in gold. It is applicable to any aspect of life, but it is emphatically applicable as regards your health. You can replace your TV, you can replace your car, but can you ever replace your body? Leave aside the philosophical and spiritual aspect of it. What a great feeling it is to live as a healthy person!

Diabetes is such a disease, if you once join its company, to wriggle out of its influence is very difficult, sometimes impossible!

Diabetes does not give you the exact symptoms of its arrival. You need to be alert and your general knowledge about health related problems needs to be up to date. If you are lucky enough to trace the symptoms of the diabetes early, it will be easy for you to recoup your original health. Well begun is half done!

Some of the disturbances in the state of your normal health, should put you on inquiry, at once. Blurred vision, unusual weight loss, increased fatigue without reason, frequent urination are some of the definite indications. Of the millions and millions who have diabetes, it is surprising that 25% of them don't even know that the disease has taken hold of them.

What could be the causes of diabetes? Why such a large number of people are attacked by this disease? The reasons could be many. That is being overweight, carrying heredity factors, and overeating habits and inactive daily routine with no exercising.

Diabetes is broadly categorized into two types. Type I and Type II. Children and young adults get the type I diabetes. People in this category, if they suffer from blindness, kidney damage and heart disease, “diabetes” in all probability, will join the band. When your body is unable to produce the required level of insulin, and is unable to utilize the sugar intake from the various types of foods that you take, you are suffering from Type II diabetes.

Apart from the food intake, if you are continuously depressed, that could take you to the doors of diabetes. When the body doesn't get the proper exercise, and the mind doesn't n get the happy exercise, it will lead to negativities in all aspects of your life.

It is the opportune time for the diabetes to find its entry gate with in your body. So your mind level vibrations need also to be positive. The mind level and body level negativities are responsible for the entry and sustenance of diabetes.