Symptoms Of Diabetes

Keep a Strict Vigil on Symptoms of Diabetes!

Diabetes is a life threatening disease which has crippled millions of people around the world. If not checked in time, it can lead even to death. In fact, it is a chronic health condition. In diabetic case, the pancreas is unable to produce insulin to break down glucose levels.

To begin with the treatment of diabetes, proper diagnosis is a big problem for diabetes. The reason is that it is not easy to find symptoms at the initial level. Frequent urination is the first classic symptom of diabetes. The other symptoms are excessive thirst, excessive hunger and weight loss. The person also experiences blurred vision, odd aches and pains. People experience dry mouth and dry itchy skin. Along with these classic symptoms, the person gets fatigue. The other symptoms of diabetes are impotence in mails. The female diabetic patients suffer vaginal yeast infections. Generally, diabetic patients have poor healing of cuts and scraps. These people are subject to excessive and unusual infections.

The person who experiences classic symptoms of diabetes should immediately consult a doctor and the doctor will take a diabetes test. In case the person has two or more symptoms in more than one week, he it is more alarming. Higher glucose levels are the main reason for these symptoms. These glucose levels are in the blood stream of the patient.

If you have frequent urination, be sure that the body wants to remove excess glucose from your blood stream. This will cause dehydration making you thirsty all the time. You will have dry mouth and dry itchy skin. In diabetes, there is a big change in eyesight which happens in a short span of time and you are for more trouble. Among various treatments of diabetes, the insulin shots which are to be done on daily basis are the main treatment of diabetes. Apart from medication, you need a proper diet and a regular exercise program. It is better to know your diabetes in time before it is too late.