Symptoms Of Diabetes

Keep A Track Of Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes means presence of high level of sugar in the blood. Those who get themselves medically checked up in every 6 months are on a very safe side to know whether they are suffering from any kind of complication or not and these regular check ups are a must for people hitting 40 and above.

However, the age is not always only the criterion to suffer from diabetes, even a child or any overweight person or those who suffer from high blood pressure or high cholesterol and other fats in blood could also become a victim of diabetes. In addition, heredity may also be a cause of diabetes especially when any parent, siblings are suffering from diabetes. The risk factor of having diabetes gets higher if a person belongs to particular descents such as Aboriginal, Asian, south Asian, Hispanic or African.

There is a list of symptoms with which a person could keep a check upon himself to see whether he has fallen prey to diabetes or not. It could be any one of these or many of these such as:
Feeling thirsty unusually which has not been noted before
Passage of urine on a frequent basis
Loss or gain in weight
Blurred vision
Body gets more vulnerable to infections and any kind of cuts and bruises take more than normal time to heal
Feeling of numbness or a tingling sensation in hands or feet
Getting tired and restless very easily
These are the various symptoms of detecting oneself of diabetes on one’s own basis. When a person starts suffering from any of these, he should immediately consult a doctor to confirm his illness and have all possible steps to get well as soon as possible. The earlier the disease gets detected, the easier it becomes to solve the problem.

There are some measure to be taken for those who detect themselves with diabetic symptoms are awareness about the disease, physical activity, balanced diet with emphasis on nutrition and weight management, proper lifestyle and controlled blood pressure and cholesterol.