Symptoms Of Diabetes

Recognize Diabetes Symptoms the Sooner, the Better!

Diabetes, of late, has become a common disease and usually occurs in old age. When there is a rise in the blood sugar level, people fall prey to it, however, there are several other reasons for diabetes. The basis reason may be attributed to lack of exercise and faulty eating habits among people. Therefore, he people must remain alert about this disease once they see the symptoms. If symptoms are not recognized at an early stage it may lead to further complications. It is, therefore, best to go for early treatment as it helps to lessen the side effects.

Some of the common symptoms of this disease are frequent urination, blurry vision, irritability, extreme hunger, excessive thirst, unusual weight loss and increased fatigue. It is shocking to note that more than 20 million people around the world suffer from diabetes and among them, one-third does not even aware of it.

People of Pacific Islanders, African American, Latino, Native American must remain cautious since it  is a very common disease in these places. Some of the other causes of diabetes are excess weight, age, hereditary and lack of exercise.

These symptoms are also common among children who do not eat balanced diet. It is important to keep children away from junk food and include lots of green vegetables and fruits in their diet. Type 1 diabetes is generally found in children and young adults along with heart disease, blindness and kidney damage, while Type II is common among adults when their body doesn't produce enough insulin.

It is advisable to consume lots of fruits juices, buttermilk and coconut water to detoxify the body. Since juices provide the necessary vitamins and minerals that make immune system strong, their consumption in good amount is very essential to raise energy level in body. Having vegetables in their raw form and drink lots of water is beneficial. Fruits containing less sugar must be consumed to make the diet balanced in every form. It is also important to take proper rest along with good exercise to make the body strong. Seeking doctor’s advice in case of any severity is always recommended.