Symptoms Of Diabetes

Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes

The most obvious signs of diabetes include the following:

1) Frequent thirst (polydipsia)

2) Constant urination (polyuria)

3) Rapid loss of weight

4) Unusual hunger

5) Obvious weakness and fatigue

6) How is it Diagnosed?

There are many methods by which diabetes is diagnosed, but doctors commonly use the following approaches:

A) Health screening

B) Detection of hyperglycemia

C) New signs and symptoms attributable to diabetes

Diagnosis is often prompted with the onset of the symptoms. Patients often undergo a diabetes screening test, the particulars of which often vary according to circumstances and local policy. Some may be made to undergo random glucose testing, fasting glucose and insulin, or glucose two hours after 75g of glucose. Sometimes, doctors diagnose the disease through a formal glucose tolerance test.

For adults aged 40-50, health caregivers recognize universal screening tests for diabetes with earlier screening tests for those with potential risk factors, such as obesity, family history of diabetes, and high risk ethnicity (Hispanic, American Indian, African, American, Pacific Island, and South Asian).