Symptoms Of Diabetes

Some Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes

Our body runs on the energy we get in the form of various kinds of food intake. Useful things are extracted from the food and the rest becomes a waste. The sugar and starch content is extracted from the food with the help of insulin, a hormone produced by our pancreas. But, when the body is unable to produce insulin, or if is unable to produce the required amount of insulin, or many times, it cannot effectively use the insulin produced due to the body’s incapability, then a person is said to be detected with diabetes.

One may come to know about the chronic disease in the form of a blood and urine test. Else, there are various signs and symptoms from which he may suffer to be assigned as a diabetic such as: unusual thirst, urine passage on a more frequent basis, hands and feet getting numb or a tingling sensation being felt, difficulty in maintaining or getting an erection, known as impotency, blurry vision, getting tired very easily, cuts and bruises that take more than normal time to get healed, and sudden loss or gain in weight.

If a person is overweight, has a parent or even a brother or sister suffering from diabetes, is already a patient of high blood pressure or high cholesterol, ever has gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) or belongs to particular descent such as aboriginal, Hispanic, Asian, south Asian or African, then he could be said to be vulnerable to diabetes.

Regular check ups, consultation with doctor for any kind of medication, depending upon the level of sugar present in blood and urine, healthy and balanced diet, with a good lifestyle and weight management program, could be some measures helpful for a person to have his diabetes in control and live peacefully.