Symptoms Of Diabetes

Symptoms & Signs of Diabetes

Diabetes whether it is type I, type II or gestational diabetes, has similar signs and symptoms. In case a person observes any of these signs or symptoms, then it is advisable to visit a doctor and get the blood sugar level tested.

There are some signs  which may be indicative of diabetes can be predicted. This article takes a quick look at these signs. They are as follows

Frequent urination: The excessive glucose of the blood is left in the kidneys since it cannot be absorbed by the cells. In absence of insulin, the kidneys cannot filter back the sugar in the blood. The accumulation of glucose draws more and more water from the body and the bladder remains full. As a result, the patient tends to urinate very frequently.

Unquenchable Thirst: Another symptom is an excessive or unquenchable thirst. This may be an alarm bell which indicates diabetes. On account of a frequent need to urinate, the body needs more water than normal.

Weight Loss: In absence of glucose, the body becomes very weak. The cells in absence of glucose start breaking the fats and the muscle tissues. Thus the body mass starts reducing considerably and suddenly patient becomes thin and weak. In type II diabetes, weight loss may not be very noticeable.

Other diabetes signs: Weakness, fatigue, blurring vision, dry skin, itches, tingling or numbness in feet or hands, longer time for healing wounds or cuts.