Symptoms Of Diabetes

Tingling In Hands and Feet - A Warning Sign of Diabetes?

Diabetes is a common disease being faced by a large number of people world-wide. It is mainly caused by wrong eating habits, lack of exercise, excess weight and stress. People having diabetes suffer from tingling hands and feet and they tend to numb frequently. This tingling or numbness is a sign of diabetes which is also known as loss of sensation, neuropathy, paresthesias, restless leg syndrome and sensory loss.

In the other type of diabetes, the disease keeps creeping gradually and not many people are aware of its arrival. In this, the diabetes causes the blood sugar level to rise than normal. The high blood sugar level damages the nervous system causing sensation or numbness. Some of the symptoms of diabetes are blurry vision, constant numbness, constant tingling, excessive thirst, extreme hunger, frequent urination, increased fatigue, irritability and unusual weight loss.

It is best to seek medical advice once you feel such symptoms. An early diagnose would help seek proper medical help.

Diabetes also leads to several medical complications such as eye disease, heart disease, hypoglycemia, kidney disease, kidney failure, stomach nerve damage, stroke and urologic problems. Detection of tingling or numbness in hands and feet is sometimes difficult because these sensations are similar to the feeling of having a foot or a hand “fall asleep.” It is defined as an inability to feel anything when it touches your skin.

Tingling or numbness is serious if you have a rash, dizziness and muscle spasm on the skin and affects your legs and makes it difficult to walk properly. There is also possibility that you feel pain in the neck, forearms, or fingers. The problem leads to frequent urination.

Diamaxol is a safe and effective medicine that helps control diabetes. It is important to eat healthy diet which is balanced in every form. As the nutrients are very essential for your body, it is best to include lot of green vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. At the same time water and juices are also important to flush toxins from the body. Regular exercise is most important as it regulates the blood circulation.