Symptoms Of Diabetes

Warning Signs Of Diabetes All Over There, Check It Up

As of now, everybody is aware of the diabetes, its symptoms and the implications it brings with. Now we need to know about the types of diabetes which is of three types.

The type I diabetes (insulin dependant) is a condition in which the body does not produce a necessary hormone called insulin, required to convert necessary amount of sugar, starch and other foods into energy. This condition is mainly suffered by children and adolescents who are the victims of this disease probably from birth and it is found in 10% of all diabetic patients.

Type II diabetes (adult onset) is a condition in which the body tissues cannot resist the insulin produced, or we can say that there is decreased sensitivity to insulin, thus the body cannot control the amount of sugar in blood and it is suffered by the rest of 90%.

The type III diabetes better known as Gestational Diabetes is a temporary condition in which a woman gets diabetic during her pregnancy. As per some findings 3.5% of all pregnant women involve the risk of having this kind of diabetes which is harmful both for the mother and the child. In this diabetes, it may be possible that diabetes lasts only till pregnancy but chances are that it may arise later in future.

After knowing about diabetes, we would like to know the conditions or the warning signs which indicate diabetes. Now we should know as to who are vulnerable to this disease and why it could happen. Some warning signs are as follows:
Feeling of unusual thirst
Sudden change in weight be it loss or gain
Urine passage becomes more frequent
Numbness or tingling sensation in hands or feet
Blurred vision
Feeling of extreme fatigue
Having frequent infections
Cuts and bruises taking more than normal time to heal
Trouble in getting or maintaining erection known as impotency

If one notices any of these signs, then he should take it as a warning and get a blood and urine test done to confirm the disease. Those who are already overweight, having high blood pressure and cholesterol, having a diabetic patient in family history should be all the more alert with these warning signs.

But this problem is curable with the help of medicines, exercises and a healthy diet and lifestyle.