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Lifestyle Changes For Juvenile Diabetes

While it is true that the situation may be different with diabetes, having this disease does not necessarily mean that your child ought to cease to enjoy life all together. Teach your child this important lesson and help him/her find strategies to manage diabetes without affecting their lifestyle too much.

For instance, your child may want to eat take-out foods, go to parties, and do other things on the spur of the moment, but because of his/her illness, he/she might think he/she can’t. This is not true, of course. Let them know that contrary to what they believe, they can still do all these things but in moderation.

You have taught them how to be responsible for their diabetes management. Now, it is time for them to apply what they have learned and enjoy their lives despite diabetes. Research shows that children with diabetes enjoy a better quality of life in terms of feeling satisfied with life, feeling good about their health and about how their condition impacts their lives if they keep their blood sugar levels under good control.

Good control does not have to mean eschewing yourself from all the thrills and joys of life. It only means doing what is right for you and your condition and never forgetting that you are the one in control, not the disease.