Self Improvement

Some Lifestyle Changes May Help You Cure Diabetes

You have to lift yourself up. You are the cause of your downfall. You are your best friend. You are your worst enemy...Thus goes the great saying.

The top is always vacant! The wise counsel is in demand everywhere. The best is yet to happen in your life! Life is nothing but a series of endless changes. The moment to moment changes.

You need to apply the very same rules in the treatment and control of diabetes. Some lifestyle changes help you cure the diabetes. There is no doubt about it. The reasoning is simple. Your wrong life styles took you to the portals of diabetes. Now about turn, and walk back. And reach to the place from where you started. This time, your start can not be wrong. Because you have adopted some lifestyle changes. This re-start will take you to the mansion of perfect health!

Have you read the novel, “The Sun Also Rises”? Doesn't matter, if you have not!

When did you see the sunrise last? Now, you the confirmed diabetes patient, getup from the bed before the sunrise and take a brisk morning walk (not too brisk). That will assist the task of metabolism in the body and help you to maintain the blood sugar level.

On to the breakfast table! Demand your plateful of sprouted moong. Gone are the days of fried potato chips doused in red tomato sauce, full of preservatives! Instead, take the tomato salad, flavored with mint and lime juice!

After the breakfast, take rest for five minutes. It is time for you to check your blood pressure. If you don't wish to do it daily, do it twice a week. During those good old days you used to take three heavy meals. Vegetables full of spice! Now you have taken a wise decision to take food five to six times, but in small quantities.

Your food consists of seasonal vegetables, fruits, preference for items that have lots of fiber content! You are strictly avoiding polished rice, and instead go for hand-pounded rice, that will get you lots of vitamin B.

Never think of junk food, cream biscuits, and chocolates. Tea and coffee are also not good for the cause of controlling diabetes. Instead go for butter milk.

Why do you worry over the matters over which you should not worry at all? If you say that worry can solve any problem including diabetes, I am prepared to even forgo my sleep and keep on worrying for 24 hours in a day. You know, stress is one of the reasons for diabetes.

So stop worrying and start living! Life is to be lived in its trials, in its tribulations, in its duty and in its beauty.

From the practical point of view, never forget to have periodical checkups at the doctor's chamber and keep the record of your blood sugar levels!