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Vigorous Exercise Is Very Beneficial For Diabetics

As per the research conducted by the Yale University, intense exercise is necessary for diabetes as it helps to prevent and control the condition.  Research results have proven that intensive exercise is much more effective than leisurely exercise. This was revealed in the journal of applied physiology in January 2006 at the Yale University.

For a diabetic, intense exercise that results in sweating and raising the heart activity level to 80% above normal has numerous benefits. Vigorous exercise reduces the chances of heart attacks, kidney failure, stroke and eye related problems. Kidney failure is one of the most serious consequences of diabetes and exercise can help to reduce chances of kidney related problems.

As per the research, women above the age of 72 who were non-obese but otherwise inactive were put into three different training programs. These training programs put the participants through 80, 65 and 50 per cent of their aerobic capacity although participants in each group burned 300 calories during the workouts. At the end of the study, the improvement in the participants that exercised up to 80% of their aerobic capacity benefitted the most.

Vigorous exercise releases stored sugar from the muscles. As a result, muscles absorb sugar more readily after a meal when the blood sugar level spikes. Lack of exercise on the other hand results in the inability of the muscles to absorb sugar from the bloodstream. This keeps the blood sugar levels high for a longer time, resulting in damage to the body.

The benefits of exercise have been well known. Exercise helps to maintain and tone the body muscles, reduce fat and release mood-enhancing endorphins. A further case for vigorous exercise has been established by this study. Vigorous exercise also helps diabetics to maintain low blood sugar levels and to reduce the attendant risks of cardiovascular disease and kidney related problems.