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With Exercise, Keep Your Diabetes At Bay!

Diabetes is proving to be an epidemic around the world lately. Diabetes is caused due to decrease in insulin secretion in the body which results in increasing amounts of blood sugar in the body. The most common and effective precautionary measure against diabetes is exercise. Exercise and diabetes have an inverse relationship. The more exercise one does, the lesser susceptible he is to diabetes. Similarly, patients suffering from diabetes must take exercise in order to regulate their blood sugar.

Exercise can include from doing simple body movements to following a strict muscle building regimen. However, for those exercising to counter diabetes, even a walk in the park is enough for an exercise, provided it is done regularly and in proper manner. Exercise and diabetes are mutual enemies and diabetes tends to stay away from people doing exercise on regular basis. Exercise helps you maintain your body mass by burning calories.

As per some findings, exercise helps the patients of type 2 diabetes live approximately 12 years longer. According to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes can extend their lifespan up to 12 years if they take regular exercise. A moderately intensive exercise done for half an hour a day is the best for anyone suffering type 2 diabetes.

A fitness instructor called Lisa Hoffman who runs the Solo Fitness in New York recommends that people with diabetes should eat before exercise and do a well rounded general program consisting of aerobic activities and some amount of strength training.

However, it is not easy for people to take time off everyday for exercises, the American Diabetes Association suggests some alternatives related to exercise and diabetes. Aerobics exercises can be substituted by taking a walk to your workplace. Leave your car home and try to walk your way to the supermarket. When free, dance for some time. Not only will this help you with diabetes, your spouse will be a happy person.

Similarly, for those living on high rise buildings should take stairs instead of the elevator in order to ensure that an extra exercise is done to keep diabetes in control. Those having an own lawn should consider mowing it manually instead of the mechanized mower. Mowing is a good exercise and diabetes can be kept at bay while your lawn gets a better look.

Exercise need not be done in one go. For those suffering from diabetes and not able to take out exercise time in one go, take out as much as you can. Thus even if you are able to take 10 minutes at three separate times a day, it is enough of an exercise and diabetes will be under control.