Living With Diabetes

Basic Travel Tips for People with Diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder in which blood glucose or sugar levels are very high. Diabetes is caused either on account of low insulin levels or resistance to insulin. Insulin controls the release of sugar into our blood stream.

Diabetes is a condition that is common with a large number of people. At times, people are not even aware that they have diabetes.  According to the BBC about 2 million people in the UK are infected by Diabetes and around seven hundred thousand of the infected population is unaware of their condition.

If you are a Diabetic, and need to travel, then the following tips are very important.

Specific plans for traveling
Before you leave for a trip, consult your travel agent about services and facilities they provide for diabetic patients en route.  Ensure that you get the required attention in case any contingency comes up during your journey.

Pre-travel check up necessary
Make a visit to your doctor and have your sugar level checked up before the trip. This will give you relevant information about your exact condition. It is always good to be prepared.

Pre medications essential
When you have had your check up ask your doctor to provide you with a prescription to deal with any medical emergency or situation. Fill out the prescription from a drug store and carry the necessary items with you.

Carry essential things
There are a number of useful items, which as a diabetic, you can carry with you. Things like a blood glucose meter, record book, pack of insulin injections, record book, instant sugar, syringes and needles, urine ketone testing strips and the contact number of your doctor and relatives are some of the few things which will prove indispensable to make your journey smooth and safe.

Medicines should be kept at normal temperature.  If medicines are not taken care of properly they may degenerate or loose their effectiveness. Keep your things separately in two or more bags so that if one is misplaced, you will have a backup

Inform people around you
It is wise to inform and make people around you aware of your health and diabetic condition. In emergency, they may be able to help you or be able to inform your doctor or your family about your condition.

These tips, if followed, can prove to be lifesavers through your journey.