Living With Diabetes

College Students and Diabetes Management

College education is such a complicated matter that high tuitions and extreme study pressure are not the only things that a student has to be bothered about. There is stress of too many classes, you have to study till late in night and many other reasons that bring you in a condition where on-the-fly eating and fast food become pretty much the only options left for you. As a result, you become exposed to the risk of diabetes.

It's about controlling weight
In most of the cases where college students get diabetes, the primary concern is becoming overweight. You should have a comprehensive plan to manage your weight or else all your efforts to manage your diabetes would be nought. In the freshmen year, a lot of students (if not all of them) gain weight and get diabetes. If you think you are gaining weight, it is a must that you take up a proper eating and exercise regime before matters get out of hand.

What can be done?
There are a number of basic principles which you need to follow in your college life to protect yourself from this problem. Below are the most basic yet most effective tips from the list.

* Drink as much water as you can. Not only is it good to drink water to keep your body hydrated, it will also help you control weight. Moreover there would be number of cases where you will feel that you should grab a soda from the vending machine around the corner. You must control this kind of instinct and should choose plain water over soda or soft drink so that its extra sugar does not enter your body.
* Say no to packaged food. In your college life, you will frequently notice that you do not have time to eat properly. You will be tempted to eat packaged food. The packaged food has a number of preservatives and other items which can induce diabetes. There are either high fat foods like chips or very sweet products like chocolates, candy, etc. You should instead keep something in your dorm room beforehand for such a condition. A loaf of bread with some peanut butter should do the trick in most cases.
* Control Your Snacking. In a number of cases, you will have to work over night. The general tendency is that in order to keep your mind and body active, you should eat something or other at regular intervals. Most of the people consider pizza as their savior but too much cheesy and oily stuff wreaks havoc and must be avoided.

It is obvious that if you want to keep diabetes under control in college, you must be very careful about what you eat and drink. You must also be very careful about where you eat and drink. Proper planning would not only save you from eating too much but also from spending too much.