Living With Diabetes

Dealing with Diabetes and Anger

Diabetes is certainly not an easy disease to live with. Since there is no cure for the disease managing and controlling the disease is of utmost importance for a diabetic patient. A diabetic patient needs to jab the finger, take blood tests 2 to 6 times a day, and adjust insulin medication accordingly. It is quite natural for a person to become frustrated and emotionally disturbed on learning that the routine has to be followed every day of their life.

We often get angry with lots of things. Anger can be a very wasteful emotion as the results of an angry outburst are counter productive and do not yield any positive results. Managing and controlling anger is one of the most important things that we as human beings should learn to do. We should try to convert our anger into a more productive emotion. This is easier said than done as it involves redirecting the anger.

It is very natural for a person with diabetes to get angry. Part of the anger might be on account of the frustration on learning that the person has to live with diabetes. A lot of the anger may be due to an element of uncertainty about living life with diabetes.

Removing the uncertainty and learning how to deal with the disease will be of immense help for the diabetic. It can help the person to remove the fear about diabetes. The diabetic patient can set an example by participating in-group and community based programs that aim to help other diabetics. This way the person is redirecting his or her anger into another useful and productive emotion.

One can certainly live life with diabetes. With proper nutrition, a disciplined approach to diet in general and plenty of exercise it is possible to get the best out of life and keep the disease in check.