Living With Diabetes

Dietary Measurement For Managing Diabetes

Diabetics are supposed to keep their weight under control, for that a restricted diet routine is to be followed. Although exercising for around two or three hours a day helps shed some pounds, eating habits must be changed to suit the treatment. A consistent weight management plan that requires behavioral changes towards food must be adopted. A calorie chart should be maintained by the patient.

For ideal calorie requisite of an individual, ideal weight should be multiplied by fifteen calories. Patients must avoid all forms of saturated fats. It's better to consume unsaturated fat products, for example olive oil. Also the fat intake must not exceed thirty percent of total calorie intake.

It is always advisable for one to learn from a dietitian as to how much carbohydrates, fats and proteins are required in a particular case. Diabetics must strictly stick to foods that suit their situation.

Low calorie fruits and vegetables should be preferred and be eaten in plenty to satisfy hunger. A balanced diet for diabetics may include products having carbohydrates from fruits ,vegetables, nuts, grains and milk products without fats. A major amount of calories could be provided with carbohydrates and mono unsaturated fats. Protein content must not exceed more than 15 percent of total calorie requirement. Fish or soy protein should be preferred over soy protein.

These dietary guidelines could be a big help. Diet is very important to manage diabetes. So, try and follow them religiously for best results.