Living With Diabetes

Do Not Mix Up Alcohol With Diabetes

It is a well established fact that any form of hard drink, be it beer, wine or any other kind of liquor is not good for health. Thus, it becomes clear that it should not at all be recommended to any person especially if he is suffering from any chronic disease.

However, if a person is already an alcoholic and then falls prey to diabetes, can you imagine where is heading to? It is not easy that he would kick the habit overnight as alcohol craving is very intense. Thus it has been recommended that diabetic can have alcohol very moderately which should not harm his blood glucose levels. On the other hand, moderate consumption rather would reduce the risk of having a coronary heart disease among the diabetic by 80%, but that applies to those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Other studies say that those who take alcohol have lesser risk of diabetes as alcohol is said to induce low blood sugar levels which in one way could prove to be beneficial for the diabetic. But without having full information one should not go for it as it all depends from person to person. And it is also true that someone’s medicine can be other person’s poison, so, one needs to consult his physician for proper know how before opting for anything new.

A diabetic can go for alcohol in limited quantity with some precautions such as not having it in an empty stomach, having it with some snacks without fats as some alcohols are already fattening which have a sweet taste, do not sip the drink for a long period of time. Having moderate or limited amount of alcohol is emphasized as high dosage will start creating problems and also if one is taking medicines for controlling diabetes can suffer from reactions such as giddiness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and others.
However, at the end of the day, there could be nothing better if one chooses to avoid alcohol totally.