Living With Diabetes

Preventing Diabetes through Healthy Living

Diabetes can be a very unnerving disease and you probably thought that it all depends on heredity. But the good news is that heredity is just one of several factors that affect your probability of acquiring diabetes. And you can control those factors.

Your risk of acquiring diabetes depends on factors given below.

1. Obesity
2. Cholesterol
3. High blood glucose
4. High blood pressure
5. Physical inactivity
6. Smoking
7. Age
8. Gender
9. Heredity

As you can see there are some factors under your control and some beyond. You cannot change your age, gender or family history. But you can definitely exercise, eat healthy and stay away from smoking. Healthy living is a sure way to minimize the risk of diabetes. This is especially true for people with pre-diabetes. They can eliminate chances of developing Type 2 diabetes by maintaining a healthy diet and daily exercise.

Regular exercise

No, you are not supposed to go to the gym and build up those heavy muscles. Lifting heavy objects is going to worsen blood sugar levels. All you are required to do is 30 minutes of light but repetitive exercise, daily. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and rowing are the best exercises to prevent and control diabetic conditions. The most beneficial among this subset is brisk walking. It improves the efficiency of every unit of insulin that is produced by the body.

Shedding 10 to 15 pounds is enough for most. A measure of healthy weight is the BMI (body mass index). BMI should be lesser than 25. If it is not, it means you are overweight and need to exercise more.

Basically it's more of getting rid of a sedentary lifestyle. You need to move those arms and legs and keep your heart pumping at a healthy rate. This keeps down blood sugar levels and increases circulation to the body's extremities. Exercise brings down the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides while raising lipoproteins ("good" cholesterol that the heart needs). Moreover you will sleep peacefully at night and help the body recover on its own.


You must make healthy food choices if you want to avoid diabetes. Fatty oily food is a strict no-no. You must've gone through tons of confusing literature on what you should eat and what you should not. Stick to the diet laid down by the American Diabetic Association as they are the most reliable source of information. An article has been written by us that explains the ADA diet to you in simpler and fewer words. You may go through that.

That takes care of most of the above listed risk factors. Keep an eye on these things and you should be back to normal! And while we cannot preach you how to reduce high blood pressure by changing your thoughts and outlook towards life, the least we can do is inform you that stress and anxiety are indeed severely destabilizing factors in diabetes. Please find a way to relax and be yourself.