Living With Diabetes

The Relation between Diabetes and Wine is Intriguing.

Diabetes and wine have a very intriguing relation as it is said that those having wine in moderate quantity have lesser risk of diabetes, or observe late onset of diabetes even if there is a record of having diabetes in the family history. On the other hand, it is said that those diabetic who have wine under controlled amount could have low blood sugar levels and can have reduced risk of suffering from any heart disease by 50%.

Anyways, this information has certain other clauses which should also be taken into consideration which means there are certain precautions which should be followed. First of all one should consult a physician before setting any dosage for himself as everything differs from body to body and its requirements and resistance power. Never have wine in an empty stomach and it should be taken with some snacks which are not fatty. Alternatively, you could include it in your dinner or your meal plan.

If one is having any pills for diabetes, then he could suffer from some reaction on having wine or any other alcohol like vomiting, nausea, giddiness, and dizziness etc. A diabetic should avoid wine if he is suffering from other chronic illness such as stomach ulcers and liver damage. Sweet wine should be avoided as any amount of extra sweet would be harmful. Do not keep on sipping a glass of wine for a very long time and avoid diluting it with any mix.

Before going for wine, a diabetic should consult a doctor or dietician who has handled his case study of his disease as he would only be able to suggest what amount of wine his body can digest. On an average the amount of alcohol in one glass of wine can be easily digested by the liver but more than that dose could be harmful, especially if he has other liver problems as liver has the role to digest.

Although, these are some suggestions and precautions but there could be nothing better if a person could avoid wine totally as we all know that it is not good for health, be it a diabetic or a healthy person.