Living With Diabetes

Walk Is The Most Simple And Easy Way To Fight Diabetes

To know your diabetes, in short, we can say that diabetes is a condition when the pancreas stops producing a necessary hormone called insulin which has a vital function to convert food into energy. This is a chronic disease and needs to be looked into on priority through medication, healthy diet and exercises. Millions of people are suffering from it throughout the world and it needs to be fought with vengeance. Now, the doctors suggest that walking is the most simple and easy way to fight the diabetes.

Coming to the benefits in the diabetes through walk, it has two profound implications-
The first indicates that walking as a part of exercise, which is suggested to every diabetic patient for maintaining a healthy body. Weight gain can be a serious cause for getting diabetic which many children are suffering from, especially those who are obese by birth. Thus, walking is suggested to shed those extra kilos. Walking is all over a very good mean of exercise for everyone which makes the body more resistant. Apart from being helpful in reducing weight and maintaining a healthy body, it helps to have a good lifestyle. Walking especially in the morning is all the more beneficial as it induces fresh air in the body as diabetic patients get easily tired. Thus, walking is very important and if it is matched with relevant exercises, it could prove to be better than any medicine.

The second implication of walk is also very profound meaning-
 “let’s walk together to remove this chronic disease being suffered by millions all over the world from small to big, from its roots and make the world diabetic free.”
All family, friends and relatives should join hands and walk together to fight with this menace. Those who are suffering from diabetes especially the young ones should be helped in the form of emotional support by family and friends and those who are financially incapable of maintaining the cost of treating themselves should be helped. People who are unaware and ignorant should also be educated. Here the walk is a sign of togetherness to fight for a common cause for the benefit of everyone.