Diabetes Treatment

Animas Insulin Pump

The decision to use an insulin pump and choice of pump accordingly is certainly very important. After all, you will be living "side by side" with your pump for a long time. Animas insulin pump from Animas is designed taking into account the above wants and needs of dozens of current and prospective insulin pump users, certified diabetes educators, and leading diabetes physicians. The Animas insulin pump is easy to use while it sets new standards in safety, performance and reliability. It is an effective diabetes treatment which fights all types of diabetes, be it gestational diabetes, juvenile diabetes or any other type. For further information, read What You Don't Know About Diabeties?

Animas insulin pump is here to stay and serve you. This pump is just the beginning. There is still considerable room for improvement in all aspects of diabetes management. It is a diabetes medication which makes diabetes cure easy and diabetes medication simple. Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes can be controlled with it. One such product from Animus is the Animas IR-1200 insulin pump in blue, silver, and black color. The menu screen is bright and sharp with a large, high-resolution screen. All you need for your power source is one AA lithium battery that lasts 4 to 8 weeks or one AA alkaline that lasts about 3 weeks. It is watertight and resists static electric discharge. It has non-volatile memory, meaning you can take the battery out without losing basal rates or bolus history.