Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes Care Through New Treatments

Diabetes treatments range from allopathic medication, primarily insulin to natural therapy. And every year, with ongoing research and developments, new treatments are incorporated. New treatment for diabetes are equally efficient in offering diabetes care.To know more about it, read Diabetes new treatment

These are also known as alternative diabetes therapies. A recent addition to new treatment for diabetes is a medicine based on the saliva of a venomous lizard– the Gila Monster. This new medicine is injected to the patient like insulin and it has proved to be a perfect substitute of insulin. But, in comparison to insulin the drug carries more side effects.

A remarkable milestone in history of diabetic treatment has been achieved by identification of gene causing type 2 diabetes. A possible treatment could be chalked out involving destruction of that particular gene. Last year, another success has been achieved in treating type 1 diabetes with introduction of an antibody called ChAglyCD3. It helps protect beta cells of pancreas for ensuring insulin secretion. This medicine also has some side effects.

A vaccine for diabetes is also a probability. Experiments are being done on animals to prove efficacy of a vaccination against the autoimmune response that gives way to type 1 diabetes. Genetic engineering may results in production of insulin by liver. Stem cells are being researched, to be developed into cells of pancreas for insulin production.

Diabetes education is being considered as a part of the treatment. But, efficacy of the most of the new mode of diabetes cure is yet to be tested. Patient must have full information about diabetes complications while trying new diabetes medication. Let's hope for many more new treatment for diabetes to curb this deadly malady.