Diabetes Treatment

How To Treat Diabetes Medically

Medical treatment for diabetics usually revolves around insulin regulation. In case of Type 1mellitus, insulin works as the basic medicine and is injected in the patient. But, insulin intake should be complimented by proper meal and physical activity. Frequency of insulin injection depends upon severity of the disease or level of blood glucose. A patient with moderate level of disease requires one injection a day and it should be better given before breakfast. Regular reassessment of dosage is must.

Apart from insulin, various other drugs are available to treat diabetes mellitus of all types. Now, its possible to produce synthetic insulin that enables to keep blood sugar in control. Sulfa medicines such as sulfaonylureas have proved beneficial in curing Type 2 diabetes. Tolbutamide, tolazamide, glucotrol are the medicines of this group.

Medicines like Metformin help in reducing insulin resistance by body cells. Metformin also decreases lipid and cholesterol contents. A new group of medicine has been introduced, they are known as insulin sensitizers. Troglitazone is one such medicine. It is used in case of low blood sugar level.

With the introduction of these oral medicines, emphasis has shifted a bit from insulin injections. Medical practitioners are prescribing these oral pills for convenience associated with them. But, in spite of these developments, insulin remains the basic medical treatment for diabetes.