Diabetes Treatment

Insulin -Basic Diabetes Medication

For a diabetes patient, diabetes insulin supplies do matter, otherwise he may have to suffer a lot. Insulin is the hormone responsible for converting carbohydrates, fats and proteins into glucose so that it could be easily accepted by cells. Diabetics are unable to secrete this hormone in adequate quantities. It creates an imbalance in the body as needed glucose is unable to make entry into cells and remains with blood, giving rise to blood glucose level.

Insulin treatment is required for all Type I diabetic patients as production of Insulin in their body is little or almost nil. If Insulin is not given then surge in blood sugar level and ketone acids may threaten the life of diabetes patients. It is also known as diabetic acidosis. Once it happens to a patient, diabetes symptoms would start coming out thus necessitating diabetes care.

Although excess diabetes insulin supplies may end up lowering blood sugar level that leads to Hypoglycemia, a disease no less serious in it's consequences. In Type 2 diabetes, insulin is required as there is increased degeneration of the insulin producing Beta Cells in the Pancreas. Insulins of various intensity and levels are available for varying needs of diabetics. These diabetes supplies do a lot for diabetics. Some of them are:

1) Short Acting Insulin: It is soluble and works within thirty minutes. It could be taken orally and keeps on working for eight to ten hours. Insulin Aspart and Insulin Lispro are it's example.
2) Intermediate Acting Insulin: It works within one to two hours of intake and continues to work till ten to fourteen hours.
3) Long Acting Insulin: This type of Insulin starts working in two to three hours and works for day and night.
4) Biphasic Insulin: These are the combination of short acting and intermediate acting insulins in various proportions to go with the requirement of the patient.

Before taking insulin, diabetes education is a must. It teaches you a lot regarding diabetes cure. Diabetes medicine usually revolves around insulin. Along with insulin, constant diabetes testing is must to notice the signs of diabetes.