Diabetes Treatment

Medical Treatment For Diabetes Mellitus

Medical treatment for diabetes mellitus involves insulin as the basic constituent. Insulin regulation is pre-requisite for cure of diabetes mellitus. In case of Type 1 mellitus, insulin is the basic medicine and it's taken by patients through injections. To know more about it, read treatment for diabetes mellitus.

But, consumption of insulin must be complimented with required meal and physical exercise. Consumption of insulin greatly depends upon the disease's gravity or blood glucose level. Diabetic with less severe level of disease needs one injection a day and it is preferably taken before breakfast. Regular reassessment of insulin intake is an essential aspect of diabetes care and is a must.

Baring insulin, various other drugs are available to treat diabetes mellitus of all types. Production of synthetic insulin has been made possible that enables to keep blood sugar under control. Metformin is another diabetes medication which helps in reducing insulin resistance by body cells. It also lowers down lipid and cholesterol contents.

For type 2 diabetes, Sulfa medicines such as sulfaonylureas has proved effective Glucotrol, tolazamide. Tolbutam are medicines of this group. Insulin sensitizers are recent introduction in the field of diabetes cure. Troglitazone is one such medicine. It is used in case of hypoglycemia.

With addition of these oral medication, a shift in emphasis from insulin has been noticed. Diabetes medication must be complimented with diabetes diet and proper diabetes nutrition. Diabetes education is must for proper insulin usage.

New medicines and artificial insulin has also been introduced as medical treatment for diabetes mellitus.