Diabetes Treatment

Peripheral Insulin Pulsatile

Pulsatile insulin or peripheral insulin pulsatile literally means the injection of insulin in pulses versus the regular continuous infusions for diabetes treatment. The physiological secretions of insulin by the pancreas into the portal vein is done by the injection of insulin in pulses to maintain insulin level. This insulin then goes directly to the liver for diabetes care. The insulin secretion in the pancreas is normal or corresponds to food intake of a healthy, normal individual.

The amount of food depends upon the amount of food consumed. Insulin is normally secreted in regular pulses every five to fifteen minutes. For further details on peripheral insulin pulsatile, read Lose Weight To Improve Your Diabetes Condition.

Studies have shown that hypoglycemic effect of pulsatile insulin in comparison to continuous insulin infusion is more potent. Continuous exposure to insulin and glucagon is known to minimize the hormones’ metabolic effectiveness on glucose formation in humans due to the body developing an increased lenity to the hormones. Here, pulsatile hormone secretion may allow recovery of receptor affinity and numbers for insulin.

However, disordered pulsation has been found in several insulin-resistant states. Basal or near basal insulin administration by pulsatile infusion augments hypoglycemic effect. To know more about diabetes health and diabetes medication, you can go through the site of American Diabetes Associatsion.