Diabetes Treatment

Qdose Insulin

Innovata's Qdose insulin is a dry powder pulmonary insulin inhaler. It claims that this product is better than most of its contemporaries. It also makes possible to switch over from insulin needles, as some people are not comfortable with needles. QDose is an electronic, dry powder, multi-unit dose device based on the de-agglomeration of insulin powder, which is achieved through the dispersion if pizo crystals that vibrate within the device upon breath activation of an internal microphone. This device makes diabetes treatment easier. This device will make it very simple to control diabetes mellitus, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes.

In a press release, the American Diabetes Association has said that it is eagerly waiting for the launch of this product. For further details, read Some Lifestyle Changes May Help You Cure Diabetes<.

Innovata developed the dry powder formulation, while the device technology was developed by Microdose Technologies. The market for pulmonary insulin, fuelled by Exubera- another device, is constantly growing. QDose insulin is tipped to give Exubera a run for its money when it is released. The QDose device is also much more discreet and user-friendly than the Exubera device. Innovata has been working with an undisclosed plastics moulding firm to make the device, but the firm is planning to hand over the control of the manufacturing to Microdose technologies.