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Ever Pondered...How Destructive Obesity And Diabetes Can Be?

This world is full of injustice. I paid the full air fare for flying from New Delhi to New York. My weight is 70 kgs. The gentleman sitting next to me, almost bursting out of the seat belt, must be weighing about 200 kgs. He has also paid the same amount. Is this not injustice? Why obese people are given this preferential treatment?

All said in good humor! The obese people are to be pitied rather than condemned. They know not what they are doing- how much they are eating. To say it in clear cut terms obesity is extending a direct invitation to diabetes. Not very long ago, diabetes caught hold of the elderly and the aged. Now even the children suffer from diabetes, not the rarest of the rare cases, but quite a good percentage. It is increasing at a rapid pace.

The reason is not far off to seek. The modern mothers think that the easiest way to handle the children is to fulfill their all demands. The chocolates, the pizzas, the salty chips, cold drinks, the processed foods and what not!

The concept of right diet is not known to the children, but even the mothers wish to pretend ignorance, even if they know. Their placement of love for the children is wrong. Soon the children look like balloons and one fine day, when the doctor tells you that your kid has diabetes, you are shocked...How that can be...?

Various studies reveal that over 20 % of the world population is obese. You suffer, and you pass on this heritage to your children. You spend the whole day sitting at the office, with mental labor, without any physical labor and once you enter the house, tired and exhausted, you refuse to go out of the drawing room. Changing the channels, by push of the remote button is only your physical exercise.

Why blame anybody when you are declared to be a diabetic patient? Your diabetes is your own creation.

“Doing nothing is not an option” they say. “In 1989 a study found that five per cent of children were classified as obese. By 1998, the figure had almost doubled. The incidence of obesity is also increasing with age; according to an English survey in 1996, approximately 17 per cent of 15 year olds are obese,” says Dr Penny Gibson, Consultant Paediatrician and Adviser on childhood obesity for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

There is conclusive proof that obesity is one of the strongest causes of diabetes. Unless something tangible steps are taken all over the World, by premium Organizations like World Health Organization, the day is not far off, when we shall have diabetic families, from the child to the grandfather!