Living With Diabetes

Before treatment, determine Diabetes Glucose Level!

The source of energy in the body of humans is the sugar or serum glucose level. The cells receive energy from glucose in the blood and it is produced from the food which we eat. Have you ever noticed that athletes go through a lot of rigorous activities and keep their energy level intact. They never feel weak or out of energy. In fact, the body has a source of energy.
For diabetic cases, the tests which are conducted by doctors determine the glucose levels. These tests are called glucose level tests in medical terminology and are the part of the series of other tests. The doctor also checks your medical history and performs two glucose level tests on the patients. One test is called fasting blood glucose level test. In this test, the person has to go without food from midnight till the test is done. If the test result shows glucose value beyond 140 mg/dl, the person has diabetes.

The second test is called the oral glucose tolerance test. In this test, the patient is not advised to drink water 10 hours before the test. However, the overall fast should not exceed beyond 16 hours. In this test, the first step is to extract blood from the patient. After this, the patient is asked to drink glucose cola. This high sugar drink has seventy five per cent of glucose in it. In case of pregnant woman, this level is 100 grms . The blood is again extracted from the patient after 30 minutes to three hours and the doctor tells if the patient has diabetes or not.

The tests mentioned above are done to determine the diabetes level in the patients. The test can also be performed in normal conditions to check the glucose levels. The common attacks of diabetes are impaired vision, mental dysfunction and loss of consciousness. In prolonged risks of hyperglycemia, the main risk is nerve or kidney damage. To monitor glucose levels, use of glucose meter is best. This is also called self monitoring of blood glucose [SMBG].

The basic tips of to maintain normal glucose levels are---

Reduce body fat by proper exercise. Do not engage in exercise without prior consultation of the doctor.
Take medication and strict diet program. Go for nutritious foods in case you really want them.

Stop consumption of cigarettes and alcohol. Beverages that contain caffeine are also bad. The cola drinks come in the same category.

Relax and do yoga and meditation exercises. In case you do not want to go out and mingle with people, do meditation and yoga at home.

Limit salt intake.
Remember that blood sugar level is an essential part of metabolic activity in the body. It is responsible for providing the body with energy levels. There is no better way to have a check on diabetes than prevention.